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Sometimes photography just isn’t enough to tell a story, so I’ll mix it up with a cacophony of media.
Sometimes there’s so much going on, the photographs get lost in the melee.
But if I get the story across, that’s a good thing.

photomontage photomontage

While photographs are composed in an instant in time, my collaged pieces amass disparate imagery to create singular images where time and reality are upended.

photography photography

Ever on the look-out for fresh subject matter, I stash fine art, photojournalism, slice-of-life,
and the occasional being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time shots in my photography quiver.


Lens Culture Review

Lens Culture Review

Posted on Jan 9, 2021 in Fine Art

Reviewer Portfolio Feedback Thank you very much for submitting your work. Allow me to begin by writing that I very much enjoyed spending time with your work. There’s a great deal of variety and eclecticism over your five pictures and I think this probably speaks to your joy and curiosity in investigating expressive qualities of […]

One of my Alice pieces is online at Artspace 111 thru 8.29.2020

One of my Alice pieces is online at Artspace 111 thru 8.29.2020

Posted on Aug 2, 2020 in Fine Art

No, I was not accepted, but they decided to post all entries online as a thumb-nod to Covid and a boost to us not accepted. Thank you Artspace 111! waaaaay down!)

Magdalena, Revisited

Magdalena, Revisited

Posted on Sep 2, 2019 in Fine Art

A few years ago I created a Mary Magdalene that I was never satisfied with, and quite frankly, no one ever seemed to like her much, either. So a little while ago, I ripped her 24×48 image off her panel and recreated her entirely. Former Ms. Mag on the left, new and improved Magdalena on […]

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what clients have been saying

I have watched with great interest Sharon’s eye for the extraordinary in all her various work. Using mixed media she continues to expand her creative genius. I have purchased several pieces and currently am seriously interested in her studies of a New Orleans theme park after Katrina.

- Susan Brazell

I have hired Sharon to work with me on corporate photo shoots as an art director on a number of occasions. Not only does she provide clear and concise instructions as to what she is after in the image we are about to create, but she welcomes my input regarding the final product (something some art directors just won’t do).

- Photog 1948

Sharon’s collaged photography is amazing! A brilliantly creative artist, her mixed-media art is unique and truly one of a kind. The photo sessions are always a great and fun experience …and the resulting artwork has always far exceeded my imagination.

- ALeigh Zepeda