Another Review from LensCulture

Posted on May 24, 2022 in Fine Art
Another Review from LensCulture

Reviewer Portfolio Feedback

Hello Sharon and thank you for submitting your work.

It is important for a photographer to be able to stand out in a competition and this can often be achieved through original work and his/her mood to experiment and dare. Your job belongs to both cases. You go beyond the obvious view that everyone has about photography and take this means of expression a step further. You create new worlds, and stories with your images and show us the infinite possibilities that an artist-photographer can have when he starts thinking outside the box.

At a technical level, there is not much to comment on other than the excellent composition of the visual elements you have made in your images. You have created visually balanced images that give an attractive look for the viewer of your images.

What would be interesting and important for you to do next is to create a coherent set of images. A series of images that will have a specific idea and intention behind its creation. This will allow you to go one step further and present your visual style and skills in the most effective and complete way. Judges and the viewers of your work will be able to evaluate and estimate your effort as it is worth. The individual images, no matter how good they are, are lost in an ocean of individual images that we see every day everywhere.

As for your question, I think social media is a useful way for someone to promote their work and gain more audience. However, the promotion on websites that deal with art and photography is also important and I will share some of them with you below. Etsy is also a good platform for someone who wants to sell his works and I would suggest you try it.

Dear Sharon, keep up the good work, study works by other good photographers and painters for inspiration and I will be glad to see more from you soon.

As an aside, I almost always work in series; I was just being economical here by submitting a few images from various series. Regardless, nice review, n’est-ce pas?

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