The Biggest One Yet!

Posted on Jul 30, 2017 in Fine Art, News
The Biggest One Yet!

In oh so many ways!!  

Being accepted in the New Texas Talent at Craighead Green’s annual show is huge for the artistic community!  The gallery is one of the most respected and prestigious contemporary art galleries in Texas, so you can imagine how honored I am in being invited to exhibit a piece from my latest series, Dark Matters [Tenebrae Nigrum].    

Craighead Green Gallery
1011 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas 75207
Opening reception : August 5, 2017 | 5pm to 8pm

And secondly, this is the largest image I’ve produced to date at 44″ wide X 66″ tall.  I could have gone larger but my large format printer’s maximum width is 44″.  But with all that ink!! I’m glad the printer put a constraint on me.

Mounting on my custom-built panel (thank you Mark Quintana) was a nerve-wracking ordeal.  Prints that large are so susceptible to getting damaged in the process, even just by handling them. Positioning this print to lay straight on the panel’s adhesive face was a challenge, and trimming its edges excruciatingly tense.  Amazingly the image went down without a fight and the mounted image, A Family Affair, is now ready for show time!

Meantime, back at the studio, as soon as we finished I shot out the door.  Cleaning the mess will have to wait until another day; I needed to escape all the manic energy I created in that space!


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