“Go Ask Alice” began with the purchase of a silly dress on sale and evolved into an homage to Lewis Carrollís Alice stories and a metaphor of the Jefferson Airplane’s iconic White Rabbit.

Because of the song’s psychedelic reference, the image mashes up 60’s art and album covers, original Alice illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, and a not so sly nod to PeeWee Herman.

After “Go Ask Alice” was exhibited, I was invited to create another music-oriented work for another show, so it seemed within keeping to bookend my Six Foot Alice with “I Am He as You Are He as You Are Me and We Are All Together,” which is John Lennon’s song based ever so loosely on “The Walrus and the Carpenter” recited to Alice by Tweedledee and Tweedledum.   This piece references the album cover that featured this song, “Magical Mystery Tour,” as well as gingerly referencing Peter Max in all his coloratura.

This started as a one-off work for a specific show, and so I did another.  Who knows? certainly not me, whether I will pursue further dalliance in these stories.


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